Frequently Asked Questions

What information do I need to give you for my photo restoration?

That’s a great question. Customers will often give us a little history about their photos and because we’re caring for people’s images, it’s great to have that personal connection with our work. Don’t tell anyone, but some of us have even been known to chat to our long-gone subjects as we spend the hours and hours required to bring them back to their former glory.

Practically, we’d like to know what size the original photo is, and what sized prints you’re anticipating the repaired and restored image file will produce (we can help you if you’re not sure).

What digital file formats can I upload?

High-resolution JPEGS are preferred. However, we can also work with PSDs, BMPs, PDFs, RAWs, or TIFFs. If in doubt, give us a shout, and we’ll work something out!

How long does a photo restoration quote take?

As soon as we have a digital file or the original photo, we’ll get back to you within twenty-four hours. Sometimes restorations are urgent. For example, we often do restorations for funerals and memorial services. If you let us know that your restoration is urgent, we’ll attend to it as soon as possible.

How long will it take for my photo to be restored?

We do like to take the time to get your restorations right. Normally, we can have the restored and repaired image files back to you within ten days. However, we do appreciate that there are urgent cases – a funeral or memorial service, for example – and we will do everything we possibly can to help you there.

How will my restored photo be delivered?

The best way to get your repaired and restored images back is by email. They’ll arrive as high-resolution jpegs, ready to be downloaded onto your computer, phone, or tablet. We’ll always format the image sizes to be compatible with contemporary printing systems (ie: 6×4, 5×7, 6×8, 10×8 etc). Then, it’s a simple matter of taking your phone, tablet, or USB stick (thumb drive) to somewhere like Officeworks to have the image files printed.

If email is a problem, we can post you a USB stick with your image files on it for a little extra cost.

How much does photo restoration cost?

Sight unseen, it’s unrealistic of us to give you an idea of price. We really encourage you to send your images to us, so we can have a close look and let you know what we can do, and then give you an obligation-free quote.

Our work is conscientious and detailed. No, it’s not cheap. And, yes, you can get restoration offers at ridiculously low prices. Those offers are inexpensive for a reason. We don’t press a few Photoshop buttons and call it ‘done’. You wouldn’t be at all happy with that. Our work does take time, but we reconstruct, repair and restore every single pixel in your valuable image, then apply tonal balance, contrast, and light adjustments to give you the very best results possible. We know you wouldn’t want it any other way.

Can you restore black and white photographs?

Yes, and not only do we restore and repair black and white photos, we also balance light, contrast, and tones to produce a true black and white effect – exactly like the original image, and sometimes better.

However, some customers like a sepia effect that is actually a result of oxidation and colour leaching from the brown cardboard backing that was commonly used back in the day. For a brief period of around four years, sepia was popularised and manually introduced into images.  If you like it, we’ll do that for you too.


Can you restore torn photographs?

Torn sections, missing parts, and insect and mould damage are exactly what we love to repair and restore. If you have the torn off part, so much the better. Sometimes obliterated faces are a problem but, if you have another image of the person, we can often do some fancy transferring of facial features to breathe new life into your photo.

How do I send you my photos for restoration?

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Can I send you my original photographs for a quote?

Absolutely, although there are far quicker and more convenient methods around these days that will ensure that your precious photos don’t have to be posted. To start with, we’ll need to scan your photos to create the digital file for repair and restoration. This can be arranged by you quite easily and, if you don’t have a scanner, you can just pop into your local Officeworks where they will do it for a song. Actually, I think they’ve stopped taking songs for payment now so it may cost you around a dollar. And, if you take a USB stick (thumb drive) with you, they’ll put the scanned files on it, and all you have to do is either email us the scanned files or use our file uploading feature. If you ask the Officeworks folk to scan your photos at 400 dpi and as jpeg files, they’ll be onto it. Easy-peasy.

If all that doesn’t work for you – you may not have access to a scanner or Officeworks – then please do send your photos to us. If you use registered post, they’ll take a bit longer but for peace of mind, it is worth it.


Can you put colour into black and white photos?

Definitely. And this is a large part of our work, particularly military photos where we are matching uniforms, badges, and decorations with their original colours. Sometimes this takes a bit of research but we’re up for that.

Can you remove people or objects from photos?

We’re often asked to do just that. Removing an unwanted guest, an ex, collateral damage from another marriage, or an unexpected photo-bomber is all in a day’s work. We also deal with unsightly light fittings, wheely bins, tables littered with beer bottles, trees growing out of people’s head – you name it, we’ll get rid of it.

Sometimes, a photo on eBay or Gumtree would be perfect without a cluttered or distracting background – well worth the investment, we can have your sale items looking heaps better and ready for a quick sell.

And, while we can’t remove power lines for a real estate sale for legal reasons, wouldn’t that brown and patchy grass be so much better in a naturally lush and verdant green?



Do you blow up photos?

Yes, we do, although we prefer to say ‘enlarge’. Blowing up an image is simply pressing a couple of buttons in photo editing software and calling it done.

Enlarging is a tricky process because we increase the image size in two-percent increments, making adjustments to it all the way along. Then we repair and restore the image, removing the artifacts, scan marks, and distortions that occur naturally with enlarging. It’s also good to know that unless the original is of an extremely high-definition, and the scan is of a very high-resolution, there will always be a little loss of sharpness in the finished image. That’s usually not an issue because the finished enlargement (say a 6×4 enlarged to 12×8) is viewed from a further distance than the original, smaller version. And it does look great.


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