Many years ago, a very good friend (who is now my wife) suggested that I should make an almost infinitesimal change to a photo using photo editing software. As a professional photographer, I was horrified. This was pre-digital and I considered myself a purist. Well, the result of that dastardly manipulation was extraordinary. It transformed that image for the better. She was a ‘keeper’. My wife? Yes, and the photo.

I soon discovered that many friends were ‘sitting’ on damaged photos that were important to their family histories. I set out to to help them in my own time and, in the process, learn about photo restoration.

Since then, I’ve been determined to master the ever-changing complexities of photo repair, and endeavour to provide a quality service like no other.

At MyPhotoCare we are a team, with our expertise spanning 19th century fashion and styles, military uniforms across the decades, colour rendering, facial reconstructions, the removal of unsightly or unwanted objects and people, the creation of new backgrounds, and incremental enlargement processes.

And we love it! 

Old photographs


Hi, I have a solid professional background and I’ve been restoring and repairing photos from all over Australia for twenty years.

I’ve also been on-line for seventeen years now, and have built a brilliant reputation for quality and service. View testimonials here.

Apart from immensely enjoying the challenge of a photo-restoration, I’m also fascinated by the people and places of years gone by. It’s a real privilege to be given the opportunity to give old, battered and faded images a new lease of life, and see through the photographers’ eyes so many years ago. Some of them did outstanding work and it’s wonderful to see their efforts brought back to life.

I’m always up for a chat about your photos so, if you need to know more, feel free to give me a call.