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Photos are precious memories and a window into your history but, sometimes, sadly, they become damaged through ageing, water or insect damage, or neglect. Once deterioration has begun, it’s not long before your treasured image will disappear forever.

Losing your photos—imagine how terrible you’d feel. It would be a disaster. Your photos have gone and you’ll have missed the opportunity to secure important aspects of your family’s history and hand them on for generations to come.

We understand what your photos mean to you, and the good news is that we can save your treasured images before it’s too late, using expert photo-restoration skills to restore your photos beautifully into digital form, making them safe forever.

All you need to do is send us a picture or scan of your photo and we’ll get back to you with a free quote.

Restoring light and life to your old photos is just the start. We also reduce age damage, take away the cracks and scratches and take out unsightly aspects. We can also enlarge your photos, crop them, balance light and contrast, and colourise black and white images.

Sometimes there are people in our photos who are no longer relevant to our lives. We can remove or replace them as well as change backgrounds.

Once we’ve fulfilled your wishes, we email you a high-resolution, print-quality digital file so that you can have as many prints done whenever you like. You might even want to email those lovely restored pics to relatives and friends.

And it doesn’t matter where you live. Photo restorations can be arranged wherever you are.


amazing, high quality restorations

To see more great before and after examples, take a look at our gallery.

how we take care of your memories


Using a high-resolution digital scan of your photo, we examine every pixel to determine how much restoration can be accomplished. We take care to ensure that things like original facial expressions aren't compromised, and endeavour to maintain as much surrounding detail as possible. Your satisfaction is our first consideration.


Applying correct light, contrast and tones to a repaired and restored image are essential photo-restoration skills. Our experts judge precisely what creates the perfect balance, yet the lightness or darkness of an image is still a matter of taste. If you don't like our take, we'll adjust it to suit yours.


Sometimes, a photo on eBay, carsales or Gumtree would be perfect without a cluttered or distracting background – it's well worth the investment to impress your buyers. We can have your sale items looking heaps better and ready for a quick sell. And, while we can’t remove power lines for a real estate sale (for legal reasons), wouldn’t that brown and patchy grass be so much better in a naturally lush and verdant green, those wheelie bins gone, and that old car disappeared?


Cracks, scratches, kiddy scribbles, water damage, age discolouration, insect nibbles, fold marks, fading, blotches, and mould stains are just some of the ways your photos become damaged. Often, if left unchecked, the damage intensifies until your photo is beyond repair. Let's fix it before it's too late!


Is your subject positioned badly making your photo look out of whack? You don't have to put up with annoying framing when some expert cropping will produce that picture-perfect shot. Our photo-professionals have worked with images for years and have developed a great eye for a balanced image. Give it a go!


Got a bit missing? We've had years of experience in replacing eyes, noses, chins and other facial details. We love finding tops of heads, and arms and legs. Need a few wrinkles or skin blemishes removed without the surgery, or those teenage spots disappeared? Admittedly, some things like making you fifty years younger might be beyond us, but it's worth an ask. And we're always up for the challenge.

kind words from our happy clients

"We thought our photos were beyond hope. Michael fixed up some of the most badly damaged prints I’ve ever seen, and then created a fantastic collage with them. He’s the best."
Stephanie Valders
Melbourne, VIC
“I thought that the photos I sent Michael were beyond any hope of recovery. We now have them beautifully restored and very much on show in our home.”
Carol Fleming
Brisbane, QLD
“After many years of working with Michael on my family history, I wouldn’t dream of asking anyone else to restore our precious photos. He knows exactly what I need, done just the right way.”
Gary Fordham
Newcastle, NSW
“We had hundreds of irreplaceable photos that were badly flood damaged. We sent them to Michael hoping that he might be able to save one or two. Not only did he restore every single one, but they looked better than ever before.”
Peter Sandford
Perth, WA

how to get started

Get your precious photos repaired and restored in just a few easy steps. Here’s how it works.


Tell us about the damage and how you’d like us to repair your picture and whether you’d like prints or a digital file.


Upload your scanned photograph, or send your picture to us, and we’ll prepare a quote for you to approve.


Approve the quote and we’ll get straight to work to improve the quality of your pictures.


We will deliver your digital photo or arrange for prints to be delivered to your door.


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Satisfied Clients

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